Thursday, March 1, 2012

Muscle sprains and strain due to overlifting


1. If lifting or carrying heavy loads, or any sudden exertion or strain produces pain, give Rhus tox

2. When from this cause very violent piercing pains are felt in the small of the back, which become worse on every motion of the body, give Bryonia. If this does not relieve entirely, Sulphur

3. If headache ensues, and Rhus will not remove it, give Calcarea.
Source : Domestic physician By Hering. Few additions as per Synthesis Repertory
MIND - THOUGHTS - vanishing of - overlifting, after...Psorinum
BACK - PAIN - Cervical region - overlifting, after .....calc
BACK - PAIN - Dorsal region - overlifting; as if from ...calc, lyc, mur ac, olnd, rhus tox, Valerina.
BACK - PAIN - Lumbar region - overlifting; as if from ...acon, caust, ferr, kali bi, rhus tox, staph