Friday, February 15, 2013

Homoeopathy & Irritable Bowel Syndrome

A middle aged gentleman came to my clinic, he was anxiously waiting for his turn, After some time when he stepped in the chamber, the anxiousness was visible on his face, his lips were chapped and cracked, He put his bag of reports on the table, it seems he was in hurry, I asked to show the reports he said please you see whatever report you wish to see, I can't find what report you wish to see, I said why? His wife told that doctor see how much anxiety he has, I don't know why he get's so anxious on such a little things, Whenever he has to do some file work or office work he gets anxious like that, Actually due to this he has developed fear of all these mental exercise even if children ask some problem in maths he will try to avoid, earlier he used to be a very methodical man and good academician, wanted things in order; but now just see him, He is almost surrounded by a thought and he will continue to think on that, If a idea comes in mind he will get adhere to that and it is very difficult to detach him, everyone is fed up of him now, I asked why it happened? He said Doctor I want to come out of hell, I said tell what happened tell in detail, It all started in Summers, He said doctor Earlier I use to have Constipation, For easy cleaning of bowels I used to take lot of laxatives and even I got habitual of using Enemas,. That has made my condition even worse, For that I saw many doctors and now I am in very bad condition , I have typical feeling as if some stool is left behind in, for that I used to sit, I want to clear all my bowels because in day time some times on passing flatus or while urination,stool or mucus also passes, So I fear passing flatus, Lot of hot and loud flatus pass during defecation, which is very embarrassing, Frequent urge to pass stools had made my rectum loose, There is burning in rectum I feel there is a weight which is dragging my rectum down, Give me some tonics or some good medicine, I want to come out of this physical and mental hell.The patient was given Aloes. He responded very well to the treatment and till now as almost 14- 15 months have passed he is still enjoying good health.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Homoeopathy & Drug Addiction

Life story Of an addict and How Homoeopathy Helped Him Once robust, and smart, all college girls were after him for friendship, now look the destiny everything has changed , it all started when he became addict to Opium, Opium has taken everything......Now he is weak emaciated, with waxy pale face, sunken eyes, has dark circles, with almost no appetite.
He has anxiety about his falling health, He fears people, he has panic attacks with suffocation He always Fears something bad will happen, He is always Complaining in a peevish way. Irritability is also there. He has Emotional excitement, He has panic-attacks with feeling of suffocation Ailments from grief and vexation. He has weakness of memory. He is Dull and indifferent. Often suffers from Confusion even that In fever he Does not recognize his close blood relatives . when he was a Child he was Peevish,he had aversion to be touched on head.few days back he suffered from pernicious anemia, he has Night sweats, he has burning thirst esp for water,Face pale, waxy, bluish lips, sunken eyes with dark circles. Remedy Acetic acid and counselling cured him completely, Now he is fit and back to his daily routine and Homoeopathy has Helped him in recovering.