Monday, February 11, 2013

Homoeopathy & Drug Addiction

Life story Of an addict and How Homoeopathy Helped Him Once robust, and smart, all college girls were after him for friendship, now look the destiny everything has changed , it all started when he became addict to Opium, Opium has taken everything......Now he is weak emaciated, with waxy pale face, sunken eyes, has dark circles, with almost no appetite.
He has anxiety about his falling health, He fears people, he has panic attacks with suffocation He always Fears something bad will happen, He is always Complaining in a peevish way. Irritability is also there. He has Emotional excitement, He has panic-attacks with feeling of suffocation Ailments from grief and vexation. He has weakness of memory. He is Dull and indifferent. Often suffers from Confusion even that In fever he Does not recognize his close blood relatives . when he was a Child he was Peevish,he had aversion to be touched on head.few days back he suffered from pernicious anemia, he has Night sweats, he has burning thirst esp for water,Face pale, waxy, bluish lips, sunken eyes with dark circles. Remedy Acetic acid and counselling cured him completely, Now he is fit and back to his daily routine and Homoeopathy has Helped him in recovering.


  1. This is a good blog. I think it is better that you have defined Homoeopathy and how recovery companion services relate to it.